At The End Of Forever

Coming early 2016

What happens when your forever-plans come to an unexpected end?

When Janna Reynolds said “I do” she meant it to last forever. However, her husband of 18 years has a different set of values. When she discovers he’s been having an affair and confronts him, he lashes out, insisting she’s to blame. He cites her fading looks, her weight, and her quirky fashion sense as his reasons for coming to despise her, devastating and demoralizing her. Then he moves out, taking the balance of the checkbook with him, leaving her no means of supporting herself and their son.

Forced to stand alone for the first time in her life, Janna begins the painful task of picking up the tattered pieces of her life and rebuilding something from the wreckage. But having spent the entirety of her marriage as a homemaker and stay-at-home mom, she has no work experience or skills to put on her resume. Her estranged husband takes advantage of her financial struggles to push for full custody of their son, inflicting still more pain on her already battered heart. Then her mother dies, and she reaches rock bottom, not sure if she can bear to go on when life has become so cruel.

Struggling just to get through each day, she questions her faith, her ideals, and sometimes her sanity, but ultimately she discovers that at the end of forever, there’s hope, peace, and love beyond compare.

“At The End Of Forever” explores the depths of a woman’s soul in her hour of deepest grief and the strength that arises to meet the challenge. Enjoy romance, humor, and an intense family drama all rolled up into one satisfying story.

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