What Lisa Mills is working on now

It’s Okay, You Can Be Nosy

Want to know what I’m up to? People ask me all the time about what I’m working on right now, what I’m writing next. I decided to add a fun little feature to my website that let’s people know what I’ve got cooking on the stove to serve up next.

Check out this graphic that now has a home in the sidebar of my site:

What Lisa Mills is working on now

I think that potato in the chair kind of looks like me, don’t you? Only I would be wearing pants and fuzzy house slippers because I’m always cold! LOL!

But seriously, this is exactly how it feels sometimes. Me pounding on a keyboard with a huge stack of papers piling up on my desktop, waiting to be edited and proofread. I make frequent trips to the store to buy big boxes of copy paper and keep my printer humming. 🙂

Anyway, this week I’m working on a short ebook about the obstacles that keep us from fulfilling our potential and how to overcome them. As I am writing this post, I have about 10,500 words of an estimated 15,000 done. Hoping to finish up this week!

Also, Unlock Your Potential has gone through another round of editing and updates and is being formatted for publication. I hope to have that one available for sale by the end of May.

Check back weekly to see what I’m doing. I hope to update the graphic each Monday and Friday to help keep me accountable and let you know what I’m working on!

Have a great week!

~ Lisa

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