Creativity: A Piece of You

I’ve been thinking this week about how much a creative work is a reflection of its creator. My characters in my books are often based on people I know or have known in my life. As I write, I live life through their eyes, I feel what they feel, and I delve into their thoughts. Everyday as I write, I probe into the human experience. The act of writing causes me to learn and grow, to gain knowledge and wisdom. I share all of that stuff swirling around in my heart and head with the people who take time to read my books and articles.

Aqua Rippled Shells PurseI also love to crochet and have been a yarn-and-hook addict for 36 years. My crochet projects are another reflection of me. I crochet the things I think are pretty or useful, things I want to wear or use around my house. When I give a crocheted gift, I am offering a piece of me, my time, my talent, my ideas, and my heart with that present.

I have come to know other people through their creativity as well. The soulful singer. The woman who makes beautiful, hand-crafted cards, the friend who is an absolute genius at baking sweets and treats and likes to share them with me.

When you create something and share it with someone else, you are sharing a piece of yourself. You pour your time, your thoughts, and often your emotions into your creative work, and a whole new creation emerges, but its building blocks came from you and the investment you made into that creative work.

So the next time someone makes you an afghan, or sings you a song, or when a child colors you a picture, treasure those creative gifts all the more for the understanding that they are giving a piece of themselves to you. And that is the most precious gift that anyone can give!

Happy creating!


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