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As a writer, designer, and small-business owner, I use a variety of software programs and resources nearly every day to keep my business running smoothly. I get asked from time to time, “Well, how do you do this?” or “How do you handle that aspect of your business?” I want to help you be more productive and succeed in your efforts so I’m happy to share my favorites with you.

Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular License) or Scrivener for Windows (Regular License) – The best writing software I have ever used! Helps you brainstorm and organize, motivates you with a progress meter, exports books to various file types (Epub, MOBI, doc, etc) and is just generally fabulous. I also use it to organize all those random ideas about books or articles I might want to work on later. I’ve gotten great customer service from their team.

I have created a short video showing some of my favorite features:

QuickBooks – If you have a small business, you have to keep track of finances. I use QuickBooks to track my income and expenses. It’s easy to navigate and as long as I keep up with my entry each month, tax time is a breeze! I just print my reports and take them to the accountant along with whatever 1099s I have received.

Hootsuite – This service contains all kinds of great features to help you coordinate your social media efforts. It saves me time and keeps me organized. I especially love the bulk upload feature that allows me to upload a month’s worth of tweets at a time so all that social media stuff is done.

MailChimp – I use MailChimp to organize and facilitate my email groups and newsletters. You can have multiple lists in case you write on various subjects and you want to keep your lists separate. Their mail templates are awesome and I love their tracking and reporting too! They offer a free program to get you started which is the perfect price for a small business owner!

Author Audience Academy – Shelley Hitz provides amazing training to help author entrepreneurs succeed with writing, marketing, and motivation. I have been taking courses through her Academy and am benefitting greatly from the members Facebook group which offers accountability, a support network, sharing of information, and so much inspiration!

Bluehost – They offer website hosting packages as low as $3.49 a month for web hosting when you purchase a 3-year package! I’ve used them and the experience was great and highly affordable! – I use a StudioPress theme on this site and on several others I manage. This site is Beautiful Pro and my site uses Modern Blogger Pro theme. They are very well constructed and versatile! – Restored specializes in ultra feminine themes! I purchased Darling for a site I was building and it is a great theme. If your customer base is mostly women, check out these themes!

This is not an exhaustive list. I have more Resources listed here on my site, and I am still adding to that page weekly. If you have questions or are looking for a particular resource, please contact me. I will help you find what you need and we can both benefit from it! :-)

Happy working!

~ Lisa


***Because I liked some of these products so much, I became an affiliate and promote their products and services. I may receive some compensation if you purchase one of these products after clicking a link on this page. However, I only recommend products or services I or my friends/mentors have found useful. Please see my Disclosure Notice for full details on my policies.

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