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Are You Living Up To Your Potential?

Here’s a secret about me. I am a quote junkie! I love, Love, LOVE a good quote that inspires or motivates me! I think that’s where my ideas for my latest book Unlock Your Potential began. I was also moved by seeing so many of God’s children struggling to find their purpose and get focused on the mission God has for their lives so the Kingdom of God will be established on the Earth. I want to see people succeed, and I want to see the righteous prosper and take their rightful place.

Unlock Your Potential Book CoverI started thinking on the subject, meditating on it, gathering information and resources as God brought them across my path. Fourteen years later, I finally finished the book!

Here’s an excerpt:

“It is within my power either to serve God or not to serve Him. Serving him, I add to my own good and the good of the whole world. Not serving him, I forfeit my own good and deprive the world of that good which was in my power to create.”
Leo Tolstoy

God has already placed within you all you need to fulfill your purpose and achieve your potential. You have the gifts and abilities, the talent, and the grace. However, those resources are given to you in seed form. They are raw materials that need to be refined, developed, or matured in order to fulfill their ultimate goal.

Think of your purpose as “a call to embark on a quest or mission.” Your full potential can only be achieved through a journey, a pursuit. You must pursue your potential! No one can hand you the life you dream of. Don’t fall prey to a “lightning bolt mentality,” the hope that one day lightning will strike and your dreams will come to pass. Life doesn’t work that way, and neither does God, because the journey is part of the growing process He wants for you.

He wants you to partner with Him, to hold His hand and walk in His footsteps as He leads you into the wonderful plans He has prepared for you. Fulfilling your potential requires your active participation and cooperation with God’s plan for your life. The apostles of the New Testament said “I run the race…” and “I press toward the mark…” We are co-laborers with God. That means we are working with Him, submitting to His will, embracing the opportunities He brings our way, and accepting the challenges that come with growth and progress.

God wants to bless his children, to give them lives that make the world stop and ask, “What is the secret to their success?” His plans to bless you can permeate every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your career, ministry opportunities and overall success. When your life shines like a beacon on a hilltop, God can use your influence and abundance to impact people through your testimony.

God plants desires in our hearts and gives us the motivation to fulfill them, not for money or power or personal acclaim, but because He has created us for purpose. That purpose calls to us, sometimes as a whisper, other times as a roar. We can find peace only in following its leading. It fills us with dedication and commitment, a determination so profound that we will endure great hardship and sacrifice on its behalf.

We will pour ourselves into the work, nurturing it with our time, energy and emotions—not for personal gain, but as a way to fulfill a deep-seated longing within our innermost being, one placed there by God. In embracing the purpose for which we are created, we become one with God and His will, and in that Oneness, He can work mightily through us. We become a beacon of light or a river of living water, our lives a testimony to His goodness.

Make a choice to live the abundant life God has planned for you. The key to unlocking that life of blessing rests in discovering, developing, and fulfilling your God-given purpose. Seek Him for your purpose then trust that He can accomplish it through you.

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